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Preceda People

Preceda People is an integrated, end-to-end people management solution that provides Human Resource Management, Payroll, Employee Self Service, Award Interpretation and Time and Attendance functionality from one central database, with a common user interface. Preceda PEOPLE is designed, developed and supported in Australia for Australian and New Zealand business conditions utilising the latest technology and software engineering approach. Our local Research and Development division ensures we are able to respond quickly and accurately to legislative and industrial issues, while continuously enhancing functionality.

Single Source of Truth

Browser-based (internet) architecture enables employees, line managers or HR/Payroll staff to have secure access directly into the application's integrated database. The benefit of this remote and secure access to a central database or 'single source of truth' is one of the distinct advantages of Preceda People. It allows HR/Payroll to be taken from the back-office and placed into the hands of the stakeholders of the business.

Low Cost Deployment

Preceda People's browser-based, zero client architecture provides significant advantages for deployment and access. To gain access to the application a user will only require a Web browser and the appropriate security clearance. This eliminates the costly communications software such as Citrix and provides the ultimate in flexibility for our clients. There is no requirement for additional software to be loaded and maintained on the PC which is a real advantage for distributed sites.


Preceda People is a scalable solution used by many of the largest and smallest organisations in Australia and New Zealand, including Woolworths, the largest employer in the region with 160,000+ employees. Its scalability allows you to start small with just 12 staff members, for example, and grow along with your business with the minimum of cost and disruption.

Easy to Use

Using the intuitive mouse-driven interface of a web browser to enter and access information, Preceda is easy to use and simple to deploy. Training is minimised for end users because Preceda looks and feels like popular websites.

Preceda  also contains functionality purpose built to ease the administrative burden on HR and Payroll staff.  One example is cloning, a facility that enables the duplication of existing position entitlement details when a new staff member moves into that position. Only their personal information needs to be added, reducing data entry.

End-to-End Functionality

Preceda People incorporates a complete range of business applications required in all areas of people management. Preceda People provides the built-in-intelligence to help you effectively manage all functions, from recruitment to termination:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Remuneration
  • HR Planning
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Payroll
  • Training & Development
  • Organisation & Position Management
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Preceda Extractor
  • Preceda Report Manager
  • Scheduling
  • Award Intepretation
  • Time & Attendance
  • Security

Advanced Reporting

With our easy to use query tools and pre-defined reports you can extract information for any situation that arises. Preceda Report Manager allows for the scheduled, e-mail delivery of reports at pre-set times and frequencies enabling you to provide timely information to management and employees.

Preceda People is a complete solution, a valuable tool for line management, HR professionals and those responsible for Payroll and Financial management.

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